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Svero history

For more than half a century, we at SVERO have developed, manufactured and sold lifting equipment.
From having previously seen our products grow in our own forge has the manufacturing becoming more and more efficient. It’s when new technology meets experience and knowledge the result will be the very best.



Hugo Fors left Maskinfabriken in Månsarp to start his own production of lifting hoists and trolleys in Månsarp.


the Berglund brothers bought Månsarps Mekaniska Verkstad together with the former foreman Roland Svensson. Roland had a great technical knowledge and experience and he started to create and designing new lifting equipment. It was now the brand SVERO was born and got its name after him, SVEnsson ROland. The Svero products became popular and sold all over the world due to their high quality and function. For a long time there was even quotas for how much customers were allowed to buy.


another milestone in SVERO's history was reached when Roland Svensson designed a chain hoist made entirely of aluminium. It was flexible and light unlike the previously heavy hoists in steel. For 20 years, the popular aluminium blocks were manufactured in our own workshop but in the end competition from the Far East became too strong.





SVERO decided to outsource production. We started a collaboration with one company in Taiwan where we developed our own model that corresponded to our high requirements for quality and function. Instead of lowering our quality and functional requirements we took them and our experience with us globally.


SVERO left Taiwan and started a collaboration with a company in China. After five years we have learned how China works and the transfer of production of our beam trolleys etc. from Sweden began. We let the relocation process take time - not to compromise on quality and function.


the transfer of the production for the remaining products was done. We have since then continuously improved on supplier development and today we have a unique network for our production in China.





we launched our new models of chain and lever hoists, types 14 and 15.


some production was moved back home. The rapid economic growth of China and higher production costs were the reasons along with longer lead times. New production methods and materials made this possible.


SVERO was determined to continue the path Roland Svensson took when designing the legendary Quick Lift Block SVERO Type 11. He said that high quality, high functionality and innovation are very important to achieve success. This provides the customer with the lowest total cost when lifting needs shall be met. SVERO's focus has always been and will always be that the Svero branded products must meet the applicable laws, rules and regulations to make you feel safe working with them.


SVERO presents a trolley in aluminium with ball-bearing wheels in composite produced in Sweden. The advantages are the very low weight, a simple and quick installation with "Quick Lock System" and that it can be used in very tough environments. Considering the freight costs and the fact that 98% of aluminium is recyclable, it is in line with our environmental focus.





after a request from the wind power industry, SVERO together with Science Park, Almi and Jönköping University, conducted an Innovation Race. The goal was to develop a low-built beam trolley for use in the wind turbines' narrow nacelles. During the 48 hours of the race, we developed together with designers, technicians and specialists our Smart Hoist, a beam trolley with an integrated lifting hoist.


SVERO began to work on a new digital platform. The focus of our investment is to be able to quickly deliver what our customers need, not only products but also technical information, documentation and prices.


our new SVERO Smart Hoist is launched! With a capacity of 500 kg, a weight of only 10.5 kg and an extremely low construction height of 150 mm, it is unique on the market. Patent was applied for and approved in 2022.


the new website is finally ready! During the autumn, we open the new webshop and are inviting both new and old customers. Everything our customers need to know about SVERO products is now gathered and available in an easy and convenient way. Among other news we happily introduce the configurator where lifting products easily can be individually adapted to the customer's wishes.



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