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A lifting device is never stronger than its weakest link.

All use of lifting equipment is carefully regulated in laws and regulations to ensure personal safety and material values. Nevertheless, a vast majority of all accidents that occur in connection with lifting are due to mishandling of loads or equipment.

According to us, right products and right knowledge go hand in hand, and we arrange courses and educations for you to feel comfortable during usage and also over time.

Training 1

Safe lifting products.

The course is suitable for crane operators, responsible supervisors, safety officers, lifting supervisors or if you are involved in lifting operations with stationary cranes (overhead cranes, electrical chain hoists, manually operated hoists and other lifting equipment), mobile and construction cranes. Every course is adapted to suit the needs of your company.

All courses meet the government’s demands on documented education and are based on long experience from inspection and verification.

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Training 2

Safe lifting and load handling.

This is the continuation of the course "Safe lifting products". The training is based on AFS 2006:6 - Use of lifting devices and lifting equipment, and meets the authorities' requirements for documented training. During the day, we also share our long experience from inspection and control of lifting equipment. With this training, you reduce the risk of accidents and incidents and at the same time meet the requirements set for work with lifts.

The course is aimed at those who work as crane operators, supervisors, safety representatives, lifting supervisors or otherwise work with lifting. We go through work with stationary cranes such as traverses, mobile cranes and construction cranes.

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