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A light choice.

Since 1954 we have been working towards making your world lighter, and regardless what, how and where you would like to lift, we will help you find the right lifting equipment – completely based on your requests, and always with safety in mind.

With decades of knowledge about gravity – and the tools to counteract it – we can help you in giving your business a lift. Contact us if you want a partner within lifting equipment you can trust.


An empty space, with great opportunities. In a way that’s how the cooperation between Svero and Premould started. Because of Premould’s growing produce they moved to a bigger space, and this empty space, with no current production, was a great opportunity for Svero to produce a fitted and custom made lifting equipment. An equipment, which met the requirements and fulfilled the needs that Premould had.

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Waggeryd Cell

With challenging situations and conditions a job is never like another. Businesses, factories and industrial buildings look and function differently. Waggeryd Cell became a good example of this when a lifting solution was going to be fitted for both high ceilings and temperatures.

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