Svero hand winches – for lifting and/or towing

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Hand winches

Manual winches for lifting and/or towing

SVERO With our manual winches you can lift 250 – 3200 kg, pull, or in another way, move heavy objects horizontally or vertically. The winches are available with different weight capacities, rope lengths and finishes, as well as with belts, and can be adapted to your needs. We also have a theatre winch adapted for theatre use. In addition to not needing access to electricity, hand winches usually take up less space than electrically powered ones.

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SVERO's wall winches in models 61/62 are worm gear and designed for both lifting and towing loads from 250 to 1000 kg. The special models 61AT/62AT are designed for theatre and stage use for both lifting and towing loads from 250 to 600 kg and comply with the standard "Machine and lifting technology for stage and event" is intended. SVERO wall lifts can be mounted vertically or horizontally via 4 fixing points. The winches have a steel frame and steel or cast iron drum depending on the model, automatic brake, and a removable crank.

SVERO's hand winch 64 is a simpler mechanical design intended for drag with loads from 360 kg to 1 180 kg. It is equipped with an automatic load pressure brake, double ratchet hooks on the larger models and a protective cover over the drive and bearings.

SVERO's belt winch 66 is a mechanical hand winch with 6 m textile belt and hook for towing loads from 540 kg to 810 kg. It has an automatic load pressure brake and a protective cover over the drive and bearings.

SVERO's aluminium wire rope hoist 16 is used for lifting (800-3200 kg), towing and tensioning rope. It includes 20 m of wire rope with safety hook, and it runs through the rope hoist at a speed of up to approx. 3 m/min. The line is controlled by the double locking device which keeps it taut throughout the lifting or towing operation. The wire rope hoist is equipped with a carrying handle for easy handling.

Pulley-Man 1PM300 is a winch that is easily powered by a drill or a screwdriver. Lifting capacity 300 kg 1-part and 600 kg 2-part. When towing, the wire length is unlimited and when lifting it is limited to 50 m. The length of the wire on delivery is 12 m.