A lifting device is never stronger than its weakest link

Laws and regulations of a few simple reasons carefully regulate all usage of lifting equipment: personal safety and material values. To not jeopardize these, it is important to have the right knowledge before every lift.

According to us, right products and right knowledge go hand in hand, and we arrange courses and educations for you to feel comfortable during usage and also over time.

The courses are suitable for crane operators, responsible supervisors, safety officers, lifting supervisors or if you are involved in lifting operations with stationary cranes (overhead cranes, electrical chain hoists, manually operated hoists and other lifting equipment), mobile and construction cranes. Every course is adapted to suit the needs of your company.

All courses meet the government’s demands on documented education and are based on long experience from inspection and verification.

Our educations:

  • Risk inventory and risk assessment
  • Laws, regulations and standards
  • Continuous and daily supervision
  • Planning of lifting operations
  • Load connections
  • Slings, Wire rope sling, Textile rope sling and Lifting equipment for special lifting; handling of goods.

The courses are based on current laws and regulations for the use of hoists and lifting equipment. All educations are accommodated by your requests.

A lift for safety

We want to lift businesses, ideas and companies, and we are driven by helping our customers up and forward. We work with – and are experts on – lifting and all types of lifting equipment, and together with us you can feel safe through the entire process.

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