Waggeryd Cell

With challenging situations and conditions a job is never like another. Businesses, factories and industrial buildings look and function differently. Waggeryd Cell became a good example of this when a lifting solution was going to be fitted for both high ceilings and temperatures.

High ceilings and temperatures

Waggeryd Cell produces BCTMP mass and is entirely owned by the ATA concern, which is a major Swedish producer of sawn timber. By using the latest process technology Waggeryd Cell is the leading company in quality and efficiency.

− An easy-load system might have seen easy in the beginning, but it turned out it was a greater challenge than we thought, says Calle Carlsson at Waggeryd Cell.

Inside the facility the temperature was incredibly high and the heat was strenuous, and as clearly known, heat rises. The lifting solution was going to be mounted in the ceiling, and together with the heat, high ceilings and narrow spaces the situation was challenging.

− Our facilities are very hot and can be strenuous to work in if you’re not used to it, says Calle Carlsson.

With a keen sharpness and understanding, a good cooperation began, and a customer fitted lifting solution was created to make it easier both within the production and for the employees.

− We have a constant production flow through our facilities and when a problem occur the whole production stays still. We can now concentrate on our job and let the lifting equipment do its job, says Calle Carlsson to finish.

With a lifting solution fitted for a hot facility with high ceilings, Waggeryd Cell has continued their production of BCTMP mass with lightness.


An empty space, with great opportunities. In a way that’s how the cooperation between Svero and Premould started. Because of Premould’s growing produce they moved to a bigger space, and this empty space, with no current production, was a great opportunity for Svero to produce a fitted and custom made lifting equipment. An equipment, which met the requirements and fulfilled the needs that Premould had.

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