An empty space, with great opportunities. In a way that’s how the cooperation between Svero and Premould started. Because of Premould’s growing produce they moved to a bigger space, and this empty space, with no current production, was a great opportunity for Svero to produce a fitted and custom made lifting equipment. An equipment, which met the requirements and fulfilled the needs that Premould had.

A lift for Premould’s new spaces

As a strong and growing company, Premould offers prototypes and low volume productions of moulded details. Their affiliated company, Preshape, takes care of the steps before moulding, 3D printing, moulded details in silicone, painted details etc.

– Our demands of the delivery were high, and they produced a lifting solution that really fitted our production and our employees, says Lars Wadsten, Purchasing and Operations manager at Premould. Svero did a great job, and even though the circumstances were challenging we had great a communication through the entire process.

Svero had to adapt their construction to existing blueprints, and Premould also demanded the equipment to be white enamelled to fit the environment.

– Thanks to an open dialogue with Svero, they could meet our requirements of a custom made and secure lifting solution. Yes, even a solution that was visually pleasing, says Lars Wadsten to finish.

Premould’s new space has got a lift and the production could move in.

Waggeryd Cell

With challenging situations and conditions a job is never like another. Businesses, factories and industrial buildings look and function differently. Waggeryd Cell became a good example of this when a lifting solution was going to be fitted for both high ceilings and temperatures.

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