A lift for safety

We want to lift businesses, ideas and companies, and we are driven by helping our customers up and forward. We work with – and are experts on – lifting and all types of lifting equipment, and together with us you can feel safe through the entire process.

Our ambition is to work closely to you as a customer, carefully get to know and follow the business development, and actively contribute to improve both productivity and profitability.

Carefully selected products

All types of lifts are surrounded by laws and regulations regarding safety, environment and working environment. We only work with products made out of the highest quality, and from carefully selected suppliers, and we ensure the highest level of security.

It’s the entirety that counts

We take care of the entirety through every project and installation – from idea to lift. For us this means location visits, consultations, calculations and to meet your business’ demands and needs. We will, of course, vouch for products and lifting equipment to live up to current safety requirements.

Lifting equipment for every environment

We offer products that manage all types of environments: from salt water, acid and petroleum based solvents to the food industry.

Find the right lifting equipment

We develop and accommodate lifting products to suit your needs. At our business you will find a large amount of knowledge, and our goal is for you to find right products and solutions for right context. We offer both standard products and solutions, which have conformed from you type of business. Whichever product you choose we ensure it will live up to current laws and regulations regarding safety, function, quality, environment and working environment.

Standard products that are anything but standard solutions

Among our products we offer a wide range of solutions, both under the name Svero as well as a range of products from carefully selected brands. A few examples of suppliers are Vicinay, Erikkila, Nitchia, Red Rooster, Huchez, Yale Planeta, Rud, Chaîneeries, Limousines, Pewag and more.

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